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December 19, 2019
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Premium Quality in every way, this is Blaszok. What does that mean? I’m not really sure, but it does look pretty good.

Yeah, I don’t think it means anything.  But if you’re here, it means something to you and I suppose that’s what matters most.  After all, you’re the one looking for an eCommerce theme for your website, right?
So, what kind of products are you selling?  If it’s fashion, electronic gadgets, handcrafted goods, even digital downloads, Blaszok can help you establish a high converting website with style, flair and a really professional overall attitude.  Developed by a theme maker named MPC, Blaszok is incredibly popular WooCommerce theme, it’s racked up over 6000 sales so far and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
Blaszok is a very satisfying theme for customsers too, 99.9% customer satisfaction rating, according to the theme maker, and a 4.7 rating on ThemeForest attest to that.  Blaszok offers hundreds of features to make your business a smashing success, but let’s let MPC introduce it more.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out Blaszok (correct pronunciation “Blashock” :)). My name is Kuba and I am a web designer & developer from Poland with a small team of talented web geeks. You may know me from my Flash & jQuery Flip Books which were the best selling items around here (before the WordPress boom), and also from WordPress themes like Agera or Gentle.
Making a truly all-in-one easy to use theme is a goal that has been in my mind for a long time. I have been planning this project for months but the final development took us more then 3 months of work (sometimes more then 12 hours a day). I am really proud of the final result. We were able to make a beautiful, easy to use & fully customizable theme. As you can see by the previews (home design styles & examples) this theme may be used for almost any website. I hope that you will find as much fun using Blaszok as we had making it. We are fully dedicated to this project and we would love to develop it further but for that we need your support.

So, with over two dozen great looking demo sites already built, ready to install demo data and get rolling immediately, Blaszok is really simple to set up and satisfying to use.  There are tons of premium extensions and addons included with your download, Essential Grid, Visual Composer and some others, so if you like a big bundle of plugins, Blaszok has what you want.  So, that’s it, that’s our review of this premium eCommerce theme.  How do you like it?

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