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December 19, 2019

There are a lot of WordPress themes with the name Foodie or some variation of the name Foodie, like Foodie Pro.  Well, guess what, this is another one. This one is spelled with a ‘Y’ tho Foody. It’s one of those names, or words, that just keeps sounding stupid or longer you say it. Foody, Foody, Foody, Foody, Foody.  Foodie and the Blowfish. Gah, that’s dumb!

With this WordPress theme, you’ll have a solid platform for building a tasteful restaurant website, food store or even a recipe blog. With some of the recent additions, this theme even works great as a wine bar. Foodie allows you to take reservations, and is clean and unique theme is great for selling all kinds of products. With a strong set of core features and plenty more that you can add on, even if you’re a new developer or shop owner, you’ll be able to install the steam in just a few minutes and add all the functionality you might want. The support system is fast and appears to be quite efficient, judging by the rating of this team which is almost 4.9, most people have been very pleased with the results of their purchase.

Here’s a look at Foody.  Nice, right?  I think so too.

Foody WordPress Food Blogging Theme

Looking through the reviews, it appears that design quality, customer support and customization options are among the most cited reasons for positive reviews of the Foody WordPress team, though flexibility comes out on top. It appears to the wildly popular with those who have downloaded it, even though it’s only been sold just over 50 times in almost a year. So, one download a week, that’s not very good. But, if the theme quality is high, it’s a failure of marketing. For bakeries and cafes, fast food restaurants or sit down restaurants, food stores, organic food providers and even pizza places, the Foody responsive WordPress restaurant theme is a very strong option. If you’d like to see more themes like this one, we’ve built an entire collection of themes that you might be interested in. We are continuously updating that collection of restaurant themes and so it’s well worth checking back often to see what’s new.

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